Innovative and yet already proven

Memthane® combines two proven technologies: Biothane's anaerobic biological wastewater treatment and Pentair's X-Flow ultrafiltration membrane separation process.

Anaerobic biological treatment

Biothane's Anaerobic Biologicial Wastewater Treatment

Anaerobic treatment is the proven and energy efficient method to convert industrial wastewater into biogas. Low energy requirements, a smaller reactor footprint, lower chemical usage and reduced sludge handling costs are among the technology's advantages.

Biogas produced through anaerobic treatment can make the plant energy neutral or even a renewable energy producer.

Membrane separation (UF)

Pentair's X-Flow Ultrafiltration Membranes

The ultrafiltration membrane unit provides a solution that is robust, reliable and flexible.

Memthane® minimizes the surplus sludge production by applying long sludge retention times. The membranes are placed outside the reactor, offering a simple and easily maintainable stand-alone system that is fully enclosed, preventing odor release.