Memrod LT™

Memrod LT™ Process

New Technology for the Treatment of Ship Wastewaters

Memrod™ reactor system

Memrod™ reactor system

With the Memrod™ process, a combination of the membrane and activated sludge technologies, it is possible to treat black, grey and gantry wastewaters together with pre-treated (de-oiled) bilge water in one reactor system. The process cleans the wastewater to a level significantly below the effluent values specified in the regulations (MARPOL, Annex IV) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and even meets the Alaska standards.

Sailing on the right course with Memrod™

Memrod™ stands for Membrane Reactor Operation Device. The process is based on a combination of a classic aerobic activated sludge system and low-pressure membranes submerged in the activated sludge tank, which permanently retain the biomass, thus ensuring safe operation of the wastewater treatment system in all sea conditions.

The cleaning process is two-stage: biological degradation of contaminants and mechanical retention of all solids by the membrane barrier. The biological degradation of the organic water constituents, measured based on COD and BOD5, takes place in the activated sludge tank under aerobic conditions.