Technical details

High Treatment capacity in a small footprint

All of AnoxKaldnes experience in a standardized flexible solution 

MBBR Pack - AnoxKaldnesTM technology is based on the biofilm principle, which uses microorganisms for biological treatment of wastewater.

The microorganisms grow on the surfaces of plastic carriers in the treatment reactor. As the carriers move through wastewater in the reactor,micro organisms utilize contaminants present in the effluent for their biological activity.

The design of the carriers ensures that a high protected surface area is provided for the development of biofilm, enabling high treatment capacity in a very small footprint.

The MBBR Pack is available in several configurations, depending on the customer's treatment goals for carbon and/or nitrogen.

  • Aerobic configuration (AEAE)
  • Anoxic configuration (ANAN)
  • Anoxic -Aerobic configuration (AEAN)
Three MBBR packs configurations

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