Features & benefits

Wastewater treatment units from 150 to 1,200 m3/d

Rapid delivery and easy commissioning

MBBR Pack solution key benefits:

> Customized biological solution in a standardized package
> Quick delivery and easy installation
> Small footprint
> Limited on-site infrastructure needed
> Easy transportation
> Robust biological system resistant to toxic shocks, fluctuating flows, varying loads
> Automatic operation
> Built-in ease of expansion

  • Modular units
  • Easy carrier addition

> AnoxKaldnes laboratory expertise support
> Related services
> 25 years of experience and more than 1,000 MBBR references worldwilde

Related services

Available in three different arrangements ( AEAE, ANAE, ANAN), MBBR comes with local after-sales service and support teams offering  preventative and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term, efficient operation of installed plant.

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