Start-up and Commissioning

Start-up and Commissioning

Thanks to AnoxKaldnes' pioneering and in-depth knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects, we can provide unique value when it comes to the know-how, hardware, operations and maintenance of biological wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to being part of Veolia, we can offer the resources of a global company, as well as the flexibility of a local partner.

In an AnoxKaldnes MBBR delivery package, commissioning and start-up assistance can be included after the installation of aerators and effluent screens is completed.

Our experienced personnel provides guidance and assist in aeration pipe installation to provide optimal mixing of carriers and oxygen. An MBBR reactor is normally equipped with oxygen, temperature, level and pH sensors. During the commissioning, the instruments are calibrated and put in operation.

Start-up and Training

After the plant has been hydraulically tested, the start-up phase takes place.

AnoxKaldnes experts can visit the facility to teach microbiology, describe the plant in detail, start up philosophy, normal operation and troubleshooting. An operation manual is delivered during the training.

Training assistance can also be provided to existing plants with new operators or as a stage in an optimization process.


Once a plant is in operation, AnoxKaldnes can provide troubleshooting if needed. Experts from AnoxKaldnes visit the plant, go through the operation data, discuss with operators, analyze and test if necessary.

After that, a report is written where optimization advices are given for better operation of the plant.