R & D

R & D

The unique mixture of knowledge and practical skills in AnoxKaldnes is an excellent breeding ground for turning new ideas into innovative products. As the market leader for MBBR technology we strive to bring real life problems in to our research and come out with a solution on the other side. Combining microbiological expertise with decades of experience in wastewater processes enables us to improve on existing systems and to develop new processes.

Our vision is to keep on developing the techniques behind and to increase our knowledge about the AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR biofilm process to be able to offer more efficient and compact solutions through:

  • Bench scale tests
  • Pilot tests
  • Microscopy
  • Anaerobic treatment

Development areas
The suspended biofilm technology development is mostly related to:

  • Carrier design. Different wastewater characteristics and treatment objectives place different demands on the carrier construction.
  • New applications. Developments on how to use the suspended biofilm technology at extreme temperatures or pH and under nutrient limitation bring new opportunities and benefits for our clients.
  • Combining processes. A substantial part of the R&D at AnoxKaldnes is in the design of combined processes such as the BAS™ and the Hybas™. AnoxKaldnes also works closely with our sister companies to bundle our solutions, such as the MBBR + Hydrotech™ Discfilter.
  • Decreased carbon footprint. AnoxKaldnes continuously strives to decrease the energy requirements for the MBBR technologies, by making the solutions even more compact and efficient.