Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Wastewaters from the Oil & Gas industry that are to be treated in a biological system vary greatly from process to process and by location.

The concentration of organic matter (COD) ranges from a few hundred mg/L within the wastewater for refineries to around 1,000 mg/L COD for chemical plant effluent, and even higher for some special chemical process waters. The discharge limits for the treated waters also vary due to local authorities, customers and sensitivity of the receiving environments.

The diversity of wastewaters and effluent water quality call for different treatment solutions. The biological wastewater treatment solutions from AnoxKaldnes are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The AnoxKaldnes™ treatment solutions applicable for wastewaters from the Oil & Gas industry are exemplified by:

  • MBBR
    -Ormen Lange, Norway: Onshore treatment of process water from offshore industry to achieve reduction of glycol.
    -Suncor Montreal Refinery, Canada: One-stage MBBR for COD removal
    -Swedish oil refinery, Gothenburg, Sweden: One-stage MBBR for COD removal prior to trickling filter for nitrification
  • The BAS™ process
    -ConocoPhillips Borger Refinery, USA: Installation of MBBR upfront an existing activated sludge to achieve nitrification in the Activated sludge stage
    -Sasol Secunda, South Africa: MBBR followed by activated sludge with addition of PAC to achieve COD removal and nitrification.