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AnoxKaldnes MBBR

Today's AnoxKaldnes had its start in scientific work at the universities of Lund, Sweden and Trondheim, Norway during the 1980's.

In Lund, the researchers were occupied with biological treatment of a difficult and toxic wastewater from the pulp and paper industry and they attacked the problem with new methods. Difficult problems could be solved and associated technologies could be developed via thorough studies and grasping the underlying microbial treatment processes. The research was very soon converted into full-scale installations. This was the beginning of a new method of dealing with biological treatment, setting the focus on the microbiology and developing processes based on the microorganism's demands and needs. The idea to set up a business according to these principles was aroused and Anox AB was formed at the scientific village Ideon in Lund in 1986.

At the end of the 1980's the MBBR biofilm technology was developed in Trondheim by professor Ødegaard, Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) and coworkers at SINTEF. The technology is based on the biofilm principle, which implies that the microorganisms treating the wastewater are grown on the surface of a carrier material in the treatment process. An R&D agreement was made between the water treatment research group at NTH/SINTEF in Trondheim and the engineering company Kaldnes in Tønsberg, Norway. Based on this cooperation, Kaldnes then started the subsidiary Kaldnes Miljøteknologi AS in 1989, which was aimed at commercialization of the MBBR biofilm technology. Several associated advantages were realized with the AnoxKaldnes™ biofilm technology compared to other more conventional biofilm processes.

Commercial breakthrough 
Kaldnes Miljøteknologi attained very quickly considerable commercial success with the MBBR biofilm technology and the British company, Anglian Water, bought Kaldnes in 1994 with the purpose to introduce the technology globally. This led to a fast transfer of the technology to several countries.

At the same time Anox AB perceived the potentials of using the Moving Bed™ biofilm technology for its unique microbiological solutions. They adopted and developed the method for different industrial applications, especially for the pulp and paper industry, which was rewarded with approved patents. Utilizing these fresh ideas, the companies became two of the leaders on the world market in the field of modern high efficiency biological treatment.

Anox and Kaldnes were competitors for a number of years, although the actual number of competitive situations was few. Kaldnes owner, Anglian Water PLC, and Anox did, however, sign a cooperation agreement in year 2000.

The cooperation between Anox and Kaldnes was very prospering and led to an increased international business. Kaldnes started a subsidiary in USA and established agreements with licensees in some twenty countries. Anox opened an office in Russia and started a joint venture in Australia, Anox Oceania, together with the Australian company Wastewater Futures. The two companies started to develop the world market together and their process solutions had soon been sold in some forty countries.

Anox + Kaldnes = AnoxKaldnes 
When Anglian Water in year 2002 decide to refine its business and wanted to sell Kaldnes, Anox AB acquired the remaining shares in the company. This purchase was a very important strategic step for Anox. This fusion gathered all rights and references for the Moving Bed™ biofilm technology under the same roof. The two companies complemented each other perfectly: Anox had a very strong department for research and development and Kaldnes had an extensive marketing network. To better represent the merger, all companies in the organization changed their name to AnoxKaldnes in 2004. This name change was another step towards a closer integration between the companies and at the same time were the strong trademarks Anox and Kaldnes maintained.

AnoxKaldnes part of the Veolia group 
Since 2007, AnoxKaldnes has been part of Veolia Water Technologies.

Working together with Veolia, AnoxKaldnes has been able to provide more comprehensive solutions to its global clients, both old and new. The group serves to provide turnkey project capabilities with the complete suite of water treatment products and engineering which many of our customers' desire.