KAPTA™ 3000 Communication Module

KAPTA™ 3000 Communication Module

General description

KAPTA™ 3000-AC4 probe with Communication Module

The KAPTA™ 3000 communication module has been designed specifically for the transmission of the data measured by the probe to a central server, using GSM or Radio 868 MHz communication.

The KAPTA™ 3000-AC4 probe continuously measures and stores the 24 last measurements based on the chosen data acquisition mode.
The communication (IP68) queries the probe to allow real time telemetry data transmission to a central server.
All the data measured by the probe is organized into an easy to use web interface for the operator.

The design of the KAPTA™ 3000-AC4 probe and its use and mode of communication have been designed to facilitate its implementation and application on site. This innovative, modern and reliable monitoring solution provides real-time control of the distributed water quality.