KAPTA™ 2000 controller

KAPTA™ 2000 Controller*

pH/ORP, Free Active Chlorine, Temperature measuring & control instruments
Chlorine (HOCl, HOBr or ClO2) & Temperature

General description

KAPTA™ 2000 controller

The KAPTA™ 2000 controller* has been designed specifically for the industrial and water treatment markets and, coupled with the KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 chlorine and temperature probe, provides a rapid, accurate measurement of free chlorine.

The controller is equipped with all the key functions required to provide the user with flexibility for set-up, measurement and control of systems from simple chlorine measurement and recording right through to industrial process control and chemical dosing.

The KAPTA™ 2000 controller is capable of measuring chlorine, ORP, pH and temperature and is fitted with 2 current outputs, 4 relays and P.I.D. functionality allowing up to 6 external points to be measured or controlled.

Operation of the controller is simple with a 128x64 pixel resolution graphic display providing continuous readout of chlorine / temperature measurement and status of the control output devices, selectable in a choice of 5 different languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

The controller is IP66 rated, wall mounted and equipped for RS485 serial port communication for remote monitoring and data storage. On-board software is designed for 2 point calibrations to ensure accuracy, reliable performance and sensor diagnostic information.

* compatible with Sensing module probes models KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 R1_O1_F1 and KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 R1_O1_F2