Kapta™ 2000-AC2

In-line Chlorine Sensors for Municipal & Industrial applications

Electrochemical Sensing Module: Chlorine (HOCl, HOBr or ClO2) & Temperature

General Description

KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 Sensing head

The KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 new generation sensor is the answer from ENDETEC™ to in-line water sensing needs.

With a complete line of amperometric probes, the KAPTA™ product range offers unique environmental detection solutions for water quality distribution networks and industrial process control.

Utilising unique, micro chip technology the KAPTA™ sensors are designed for multi-parameter sensors to be fitted within one probe head. Enhancing traditional probe manufacturing methods by bonding sensors and membranes to the probe surface allows for continuous measurements of impurities at high water pressure. This solution allows for the insertion of the KAPTA™ sensors directly into a water network.

The KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 sensor solution has been specifically developed to measure active chlorine (HOCl) and temperature directly within a pressurised pipe.

KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 sensing module

The KAPTA™ 2000-AC2 is an amperometric sensor using a structured photo-polymerised membrane directly on the electrode which suppresses the well-known drawbacks of amperometric sensors with electrolyte, such as pressure and flow sensitivity. This enables the probe to be installed directly within pipes up to 10 bar flow pressure without flow or pressure control.
The sensor principal also eliminates the need for field re-calibration and on-going routine membrane replacement allowing both long-term stability of the signal and reduced maintenance costs.

The principal of the measurement is based on a Clark-type cell with a working, counter and reference electrode.

The sensor design includes a simple replaceable head which is easy to handle and requires no reagent or electrolyte. As the lifetime of the sensor can vary by application, this design allows more flexibility and price improvement for critical applications.