Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Idraflot® is a compact unit that is easily transportable and manufactured entirely in stainless steel.


IDRAFLOT® are intended to assure a perfect mixing of the waste with saturated water and an uniform distribution of the water flow along the entire surface of the unit made possible by their innovative modular design. Tanks are, in fact, designed by modules. The opportunity to replicate the same module along the whole structure of the unit gives benefits in terms of process stability allowing the blowing of the air not just from one point, as in the traditional systems, but along the whole surface of the unit and from both sides of it. This peculiarity makes IDRAFLOT® a multi-flotation system with more stable and effective performances.
Each module acts as a double flotation unit.

An innovative system

In addition, IDRAFLOT® flotation units have mixing volumes intended to optimize the process and the unit global handling. Global volume reduction is intended to: reduce chemical additive dosingreduce the saturated water flow rate (up to 50% less compared to the conventional models) avoid hydraulic short circuitsreduce the unit management costs Furthermore, a compact and modular structure makes transport and any future re-placing easier.