IDRAFLOT™ - new generation flotation units go far over the traditional flotation systems
IDRAFLOT™ flotation units

IDRAFLOT™ flotation units

Very compact, these units reach such a high thickening and clarification grade allowing ultra flotation with the highest removal efficiency on COD, suspended solids and fat.

IDRAFLOT™ flotation units are protected by three patents. They are intended to assure a perfect mixing of the waste with saturated water and an uniform distribution of the water flow along the entire surface of the unit.

IDRAFLOT™ is a rectangular compact unit, easily transportable, entirely in stainless steel. It is provided with lamellar packs, to achieve high treatment capacity compared to its compact size, telescopic level adjustment to optimize the sludge extraction with dry matter up to 8%.

The saturation system warrants a complete and even saturation free from formation of big bubbles.

The reactor allows to sample and optimize the desired parameters through e very simple adjustment of chemicals (coagulant/flocculant).

How it works

Flotation DAF is a process using air dissolved in water in order to achieve solid/liquid separation.

In order to increase the process efficiency, chemical additives are normally dosed. Coagulation followed by flocculation inside the treated fluid is achieved. Coagulation is meant to destabilize solid particles in stable equilibrium inside the fluid, while flocculation is meant to gather the particles into bigger and more extended flocks.

Flotation, consisting of saturation of a certain quantity of water (about 5 BAR which reduces the pressure in the system), takes place when flocks collide with water saturated with air, creating an aggregate made of flock - microbubble of air rising up to the liquid surface by means of the density difference of the aggregate face to the surrounding liquid.