CSO Storage and Treatment

CSO Storage and Treatment

Hydrovex™ FluidSep Vortex Separator

Static device used to retain solids in sewage. Solids segregated according to relative density. Sediments concentrated in center part of vessel and sent to WWTP. Less polluted overflows. Without electrical motors or external energy.

Hydrovex™ SFT Sediment Flusher

Cleans sediments, grit and debris out of retention tanks and equalization basins. Tips automatically with no external energy. Total water content released instantly in chamber creating high velocity wave that flushes sediments to sump at end of tank.

Hydrovex™ Clari Self Regulating Outlet Slit

Optimizes hydraulics of emergency clarifier tanks. By controlling discharge at outlet of retention tank, quiescent settling conditions are promoted in retention tank enabling settling of suspended solids.