Municipal water and wastewater solutions

With state-of-the-art filters, Hydrotech stands out as the global leader in microscreen filters for the municipal market. The unique filter design provides cost-efficient solutions with minimum footprint for municipal wastewater and potable water plants.

In 1995, Hydrotech introduced the first Discfilter to the Municipal wastewater sector for tertiary filtration. With the unique Hydrotech filter design and numerous key benefits, Hydrotech was able to revolutionize the market and became quickly one of the most common upgrades to municipal wastewater plants.

Since the very beginning, Hydrotech has - thanks to innovations and high skilled Swedish engineering - kept its position on the market as a global leader for microscreen applications within the municipal market. Today we are proud to say that we are no 1 on the market with more than 8200 microscreen filters installed all over the world. Hydrotech offers filter solutions within:

► Tertiary treatment
► Primary wastewater treatment
► P-removal
► AnoxKaldnes MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) combined with Hydrotech filters
► Reclaimed water for reuse (reuse of TSE)
► Potable wastewater treatment

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Primary filtration

In the primary filtration application Hydrotech replaces the conventional primary settlers with a microscreen filter. There are major benefits with using Hydrotech filters in this application that suit the wastewater treatment plants. We can customize the perfect solution for each waste water plant and choose the correct filter cloth opening that will meet the clients special needs.

Key benefits

  • 80% less footprint compared to conventional settlers
  • Environmental friendly with minimum carbon footprint
  • Cost efficient investment and operation
  • Product flexibility, easy to customize to specific water treatment needs
  • Minimum maintenance, sturdy reliable compact design

With our long experience within the municipal market Hydrotech can offer a customized solution that suits your needs for your plant.

Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO)

With more treatment plants being subjected to higher intake flows and loadings due to increasing populations and randomly occurring rain event, Hydrotech is able to offer a solution for these situations. In the Northern part of Europe it is quite common that the rainwater from buildings, streets and parks get combined with the municipal wastewater network. During a heavy rain period, this will contribute to high hydraulic loads on the wastewater treatment plants that need to be treated. With Hydrotech filters we are able to offer a compact treatment step that would lower the load to the wastewater treatment plant and prevent expensive investments to be made due to sewage overflow.

Key benefits

  • Cost-efficient compact solution
  • Minimum start up time required
  • Product flexibility, easy to customize to specific water treatment needs
  • Minimum maintenance, sturdy reliable compact design

Phosphorus removal

Leading the market with advanced Phosphorus (P) removal for tertiary treatment Hydrotech has developed a unique solution to cost efficiently reduces the total P in waste water. There is a growing demand on the market today for reducing the outlet of nutrients in wastewater. Increased nutrients in the local recipients is a fact that all municipalities are facing worldwide and finding a proven technology that at the same time being cost efficient enough to do the job is challenging. Phosphorus is one of the main components needing to be reduced before discharging treated wastewater. With Hydrotech's latest development we are able with a minimum footprint to provide reduction of not only particular P but also dissolved P in the wastewater. Today we have over 15 global references installations and we are able to guarantee below 0,1mg TP/l.

Key benefits

  • Compact P-removal solution
  • < 0,1mg TP/l outlet
  • Cost efficiency
  • High stability solution
  • Minimum maintenance, sturdy reliable compact design
  • Customer optimized solutions

As a well proven P-removal solution and strong local presence in different geographical markets, Hydrotech is able to provide an optimized solution for your special needs.

Effluent polishing

Effluent polishing is the first application of the Hydrotech Discfilters, with over 2 000 filters installed worldwide. The Hydrotech filters provide an excellent fixed barrier in the treatment process, providing the effluent polishing to help our clients meet the ever stricter demands on effluents from wastewater treatment plants. Hydrotech developed the Discfilter technology for the effluent polishing market and the launch took the market a large step forward from the conventional sand filters. Still today the Discfilters are considered as the most cost-effective technology for tertiary treatment, with Hydrotech still leading the technological development onwards.

Hydrotech's mechanical and process expertise helps thousands of clients achieve their requirements in the most cost effective way, while also providing long term support both directly and through our many local Veolia business units.

Key benefits

  • Over 2 000 filters installed worldwide
  • A cost effective upgrade from conventional sand filters
  • 80 % footprint reduction compared to conventional treatment
  • Flexible modular design
  • 50-90% SS reduction without upstream chemical dosing

Post MBBR filtration

Through cooperation between two of Scandinavias main wastewater treatment developers, the treatment combination Hydrotech - MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) has been created, giving a new unique solution to clients all over the world.

The AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology is a compact, flexible and highly effective biological treatment creating flocs of the biomass in waste water with the use of biofilm. These flocs need to be removed in a following phase, where the Hydrotech Drum- or Discfilters are highly effective and proven technologies to achieve excellent filtration rates.

By combining the expertise of two leading companies in the development of wastewater treatment technologies you get an optimized solution designed to reach the end result from day one.

Key benefits

  • Cutting edge technology
  • One package, two technologies
  • Two very compact technologies, minimize the total footprint
  • Optimal upgrade from Activated sludge plant for higher capacities.

Actiflo® Disc

The highly compact Actiflo® Disc, combining Actiflo and Hydrotech technologies, provides excellent removal of particles. The combination handles efficiently not only high SS loads, but also very fluctuating SS loads.

The Actiflo technology is a ballast sand settler that relies on microsand being mixed with flocculated waste water and polymers. This creates large and robust flocs of the particles in the water, making the technology a perfect combination with the Hydrotech filters.

Key benefits

  • Can manage very high SS loads
  • Designed for handling highly fluctuating SS loads
  • A very compact combined installation
  • 28 installations worldwide so far