Hydrotech Microscreen filters

Hydrotech microscreen filters

The best filters available on the market!

We have been market leaders for more than 30 years providing filters with a quality and a durability that no other filter can match. Our filters are Swedish manufactured with a high standard quality control and we now have more than 10 000 filters sold all over the world.

Our filters

With an extensive knowledge of the water quality process, we manufacture state of the art microscreen filters and are constantly developing the technologies to create new and innovative solutions. The Hydrotech Drumfilters and Discfilters are available in 500 different variations and are used in applications such as industry, municipality, aquaculture, ZOO, swimming pools and aquariums. Our filters are cost effective, have low energy consumption and an automatic control to optimize capacity. 

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Our history

Hydrotech was founded in 1984 when the Company introduced a new patented design that revolutionized filter technology. Today, we have more than 10 000 filters installed all over the world. Hydrotech is represented in most countries throughout the world through a network of professional partners.

Hydrotech has always been based in Vellinge, in the southern part of Sweden just next to the bridge to Denmark. Around 45 people work for Hydrotech today, and we are proud to claim that all our filters of Swedish origin and quality are manufactured in our own workshop in Vellinge.