HRD Media Filters

High Rate Downflow Industrial Grade Filters

The capacity of the High Rate Downflow system ranges from 60 to 3,500 gpm.

Multiple units can be coupled to accommodate any larger flow requirements. By forcing the collected solids deep into the media, the High Rate Downflow Sand Filter achieves greater operational cycle time. Filter media types can vary or even be combined for maximum efficiency in a given application.

Options include silica sand, garnet and anthracite coal. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations, this high rate filtration system is designed for effective removal of oil and suspended solids from sea water, cooling water and oil field brine. It is also ideal for treating industrial wastewater, tertiary sewage and mill scale.


The Maxi-Flo™ High Rate Downflow Sand Filter offers high performance filtration and longer operating cycles for greater economy and efficiency. It uses an advanced design to allow operation at high flow rates of 12 to 20 gpm per square foot of filter area. The filter's innovative distribution system controls velocity and hydraulic balance within the filter protecting the media during high rate operation.


Materials of Construction Carbon Steel, Coated Steel, Stainless Steel

Maximum Flow

 3,500 GPM

Maximum Pressure

 300 PSI

Minimum Flow

 60 GPM

Minimum Pressure

 50 PSI