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Evaporator & Crystallizer Expertize in Chemical Production

Evaporation & Crystallization for the Chemical Industry

ZLD wastewater crystallizer in chemical production

ZLD wastewater crystallizer used in the production of pigments

In the chemical processing industry (CPI), HPD® Evaporators and Crystallizers are critical to various production processes including inorganic products, organic acids and agricultural products.

Waste minimization and valuable raw material recovery from CPI processes are accomplished through efficient, highly integrated Veolia systems worldwide.

Industry Experience in Chemical Processing

Mono Potassium Phosphate (MAP) crystallization system

Design-Build Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) crystallization system - Middle east

Veolia Water Technologies has developed and successfully installed systems for more 50 chemical compounds. These compounds are the key components for several specific markets in the chemical processing industry.

Fully-integrated evaporation and crystallization systems from Veolia are often at the heart of crucial processes for the customers we serve. These systems perform many key functions in the creation of crystalline chemical products from many industries utilizing our technology:

  • Produce pure products from natural deposits
  • Recover by-products from waste streams
  • Concentration of dilute process streams
  • Volume reduction and recovery of valuable water resources
  • Recovery of process chemicals to reduction of makeup costs

Expertise in Specialty Chemical Production

HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization systems also used to produce specialty chemicals. Herbicides, amino acids, synthetic sweeteners, bisphenol-A, metabisulfate and thiocyanate are examples of end products produced using Veolia's evaporation and crystallization technologies.

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