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Stillage Evaporation & Concentration Systems

Systems for Concentration of Stillage and Vinasse

Innovative Process Solutions for Renewable Fuels and Agri-products Applications

Production from the renewable fuels industry has become a vital part of the world energy supply. The global demand for alternative fuels has spurred innovation in the production of ethanol and other biofuels from a variety of new sources.

The resulting processes to produce ethanol, biofuels and their associated co-products require the same level of innovation to integrate efficiency into the modern ethanol plant. Through comprehensive testing and piloting capabilities, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is able to effectively design processes in evaporation and concentration for corn and other biomass feedstock for the production of renewable fuels.

The HESC™ System Reduces Power Consumption and Dryer Duty

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The HESC system delivers efficient stillage concentration to high solids through evaporation

Energy Savings and Recovery of Process Water

Veolia offers innovations in the processing valuable co-products such as distillers dried grain in the production of ethanol.

The High Efficiency Stillage Concentration system (HESC) uses proprietary HPD enhanced forced circulation technology that concentrates highly-viscous process streams to levels greater than 50% while minimizing fouling. This technology reduces overall power consumption by reducing duty to conventional water removal equipment that consumes large amounts of natural gas. Unlike standard direct contact drying systems, the HESC system recovers valuable process water normally lost by evaporation into the air.

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The HESC Module is easily integrated to existing ethanol plant designs

Ease of Integration with Modular Unit

The modular configuration and stand-alone operation allows for easy integration at an existing facility with minimal expense and little disruption to existing operations. The system may also be driven with waste heat or steam from the plant if the overall plant heat balance shows this to be beneficial.

Design-Build Solutions for Ethanol Evaporation Plants

The new environment in the renewable fuels industry demands efficiency and the use of technology to achieve the best results in an increasingly competitive market. Conventional facility designs may not offer the tailored solutions necessary in today's climate of growing industry innovation and opportunity.

Veolia Water Technologies provides ethanol producers with a total project approach that examines the most efficient methods to reach production and operational objectives.

Our expertise offers producers specialized capabilities in pilot-testing, process design, and project management of evaporation and stillage concentration equipment for the modern ethanol plant.