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Pulp & Paper Industry Expertise

Black Liquor Evaporation and Recovery Systems

Integrated Process Solutions for Pulp Mills

Veolia has been a major supplier to the pulp and paper industry in North America since the 1960's for HPD® black liquor evaporation systems. Since then, Veolia has more than 450 installations worldwide for mills in Brazil, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, South Africa and several European countries. Many of the projects come from existing customers that are confident in the performance of previously installed systems at mills around the world.

Veolia Water Technologies works with several leading pulp and paper companies to troubleshoot existing equipment, upgrade older facilities and integrate new technologies to provide increased production efficiency, reduced energy consumption and recover valuable water and chemicals from the process.

Recovery Cycle Expertise

HPD® CRP™ crystallizer

CRP systems remove chlorides and recovers sodium

Veolia offers highly integrated, greenfield black liquor evaporation systems that drives efficiency for the recovery island as well as capacity expansions and modifications to existing facilities to optimize operations. This includes technical innovations such as Chloride Removal Process (CRP™) crystallization systems that reduce accumulation of non-process elements (NPE's) in the recovery cycle or seven-effect evaporation trains that run on low-pressure steam are examples of the innovations that have lead the industry.

Veolia Historical Technical Achievements in Pulp & Paper

  • Achieved 70% TS in 1975 and 80% in 1979
  • Introduced indirect liquor heating upstream of recovery boiler in 1982
  • Introduced the Forced Circulation Crystallizer to industry in 1973 in France
  • Led the migration from long tube vertical rising film evaporators to falling film technology in the early 1980's.
  • Provided the first 8-effect falling film evaporator train in 1983 in the Unitd States
  • Introduced Enhanced Forced Circulation technology in 1993.
  • Introduced Chloride Removal Process (CRP™) crystallizer in 1995 (NPE removal, sodium recovery)
  • Provided the first 7-effect train making 80% TS on LP team in Brazil in 2001
  • Supplied the largest operating black liquor evaporator train in in the world in China (1,450 t/h evaporation)
Methanol stripper and rectification system

Methanol stripper and rectification system integrated into a 6-effect HPD system

Veolia Technology and Process Integration

  • Black liquor evaporators and concentrators up to 80% TS
  • Black liquor heaters
  • Condensate segregation
  • Foul condensate stripping / methanol rectification systems
  • NCG Collection and incineration
  • Chloride Removal Process (CRP™) crystallizers
  • Blow-heat recovery
  • Soap collection and tall-oil acidulation
  • Turpentine recovery