Industrial Crystallization

Evaporator & Crystallizer Expertize for Fertilizer Production

Process Designs for Efficiency and High Purity

Five-stage KCl crystallizer - Israel

Veolia provides highly integrated turnkey fertilizer crystallization plants on a global basis

HPD® Crystallization systems from Veolia Water Technologies provide innovative process solutions for leading producers of fertilizer worldwide. These systems crystallize fertilizer products from natural sources (mined or solution mined deposits) or by-product streams from other processes offering system designs that provide high availability and potential operational savings.

These unique crystallization systems offer the flexibility to meet a wide range of production requirements guaranteeing crystal size and purity for fertilizer products such as ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate.

Fertilizer Experience

from a Variety of Equipment and Process Designs

Potassium chloride (MOP)

Ammonium sulfate

Sodium nitrate

Potassium sulfate (SOP)

Monoammonium phosphate (MAP)

Phosphoric acid
merchant/food/electrical grades

Ammonium nitrate

Diammoniumphosphate (DAP)

Potassium carbonate

Potassium nitrate

Magnesium sulfate monohydrate

Calcium phosphate

Calcium sulfate

Epsom salt: Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate

Calcium chloride

Mono potassium phosphate (MPK)

Veolia NPK Process Capabilities

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HPD® Industrial Crystallization experience runs the spectrum of NPK fertilizer products.

The final product is often produced as water soluble crystals, granular, solution, or as flakes.

Experience and Process Design Expertise

Potash crystallizer vessel delivery - Middle East

Potash crystallizer vessel delivery - Middle east

Veolia's wide range of evaporation and crystallization experience, with extensive pilot capabilities, allow development and implementation of innovative paths to the world's premier fertilizer products.

HPD® Crystallization systems designed and installed by Veolia range from processing deposits in the arctic-like conditions of Canada and the mineral-rich Dead Sea to Chile's Atacama Desert.