Chlor-Alkali Industry Solutions

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Evaporation and Crystallization Process Systems

Caustic concentration system

Turnkey caustic concentration plant, Formosa Plastics in Taiwan

HPD® Technology in the chlor-alkali industry assists industry manufacturers in meeting their production requirements for processing rate and purity while achieving low operating costs with ease of operation and maintenance. These systems are utilized in brine treatment, brine evaporation, salt crystallization, sodium hydroxide concentration, and inorganic crystal production from naturally occurring and/or pre-treated brines.

In caustic concentration systems, HPD technology concentrates diaphragm cell caustic from a dilute solution to final product strength in multiple-effect, forced circulation crystallizers while crystallizing sodium chloride. HPD technology concentrates membrane cell caustic in multiple-effect, HPD® falling film evaporators that feature excellent turndown ability with superior steam economy.

HPD® Multiple-effect salt crystallizer makes chlor-alkali grade salt - Europe

HPD® Multiple-effect salt crystallizer makes chlor-alkali grade salt - Europe

Industrial Crystallization Expertise

Veolia is active in brine treatment, providing systems for batch or continuous brine treatment for the removal of hardness from brine entering into a salt and/or chlor-alkali brine circuit. Veolia also offers evaporation equipment to resaturate depleted brine to address concerns with the water balance in the chlor-alkali plant or. Based on vast experience in industrial crystallization, HPD®Single-stage or multiple-effect salt crystallizers produce chemical-grade salt with minimal impurities that can be utilized in the chlor-alkali brine circuit with minimal secondary treatment requirements.

Systems Designed for Efficiency & Process Goals

Caustic evaporation system at Shintech, USA

Caustic evaporation system at Shintech, USA

In the soda ash industry, Veolia supplies processes for the production of dense soda ash (DSA), light soda ash (LSA), sodium carbonate decahydrate, and sodium bicarbonate. Large, single-effect mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) HPD® crystallization systems are used where energy costs dictate.

As a single point of responsibility, Veolia Water Technologies offers comprehensive laboratory studies, chemical analysis and piloting, process design, technical and commercial development, complete project management and project execution, as well as, in-depth training with on-going service.

Veolia is committed to providing the highest quality and most efficient systems to meet the client's process and budgetary requirements.