HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization

Innovative Process Solutions

Lithium Chloride Production - Argentina

Research & Development Expertise

Project Development to Commercial Success

Veolia designed and supplied a lithium producer in Argentina with a complete, modular, skidded HPD® Crystallization system comprised of an evaporator to concentrate the brine solution, a forced circulation cooling crystallizer to precipitate and remove sodium chloride impurities, and forced circulation crystallizer to produce high-purity lithium chloride. Solids handling equipment, including a centrifuge and dryer, were integrated into the overall process design.

Process development played a critical role in the overall project. Veolia's Research Center designed a program to determine crystallization growth kinetics and equipment requirements to achieve habit, size, and purity specified by the client.

Laboratory testing resulted in an extremely accurate prediction of achievable crystal quality. More importantly, the use of bench-scale testing allowed Veolia to directly apply the testing performed to a successful, commercially proven lithium salt crystallization system.