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2012-09-21 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies to Provide Process Equipment for Ammonium Sulfate Production in Brazil

Ammonium sulfate production HPD crystallizer

HPD Crystallization equipment and ancillary equipment supplied to PETROBRAS FAFEN

For Immediate Release

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sept. 21, 2012 - Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has signed a contract with GDK for PETROBRAS FAFEN - SE in the state of Sergipe in Brazil to provide process equipment for the production of ammonium sulfate. The plant will utilize HPD crystallization technology to produce 875 tons per day (TPD) of fertilizer-grade product from the reaction of ammonia and waste sulfuric acid from nearby refinery activities.

The ammonium sulfate fertilizer is derived from components of other Petrobras facilities in the region. The sulfuric acid is a by-product from a urea production facility while the waste ammonia is an excess by-product from a nearby refinery.

The proposed plant consists of a HPD PICC™, draft-tube crystallizer technology, followed by solid-liquid separation, drying in counter current rotary dryer/cooler, screening, product storage, packaging and auxiliary storage.

The scope of supply will be process engineering of the entire production facility. This includes by-product offloading, the crystallizer plant for producing the high-quality ammonium sulfate crystals with final product drying, and solids handling that will be packaged. Other services for project execution will be supervision of the major process equipment erection, startup and plant operator training, and commission of the entire production process in 2013.

PETROBRAS is a publicly traded corporation, the majority stockholder of which is the Government of Brazil, and performs as an energy company in the following sectors: exploration and production, refining, oil and natural gas trade and transportation, petrochemicals, and derivatives, electric energy, biofuel and other renewable energy source distribution.


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