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2010-06-17 - Bilbao, Spain

Taiwan Fertilizer Company to Use HPD Crystallization Technology for New Ammonium Sulfate Plant

For Immediate Release

BILBAO, Spain June 17, 2010 - Taiwan Fertilizer Company (TFC) has selected HPD crystallization technology as critical process equipment for its new plant in Taichung, Taiwan. This new facility will produce ammonium sulfate as one of the key fertilizer products offered by TFC.

The HPD system is comprised of two crystallizer trains set that will react sulfuric acid with liquid ammonia to produce ammonium sulfate.In total, the system will produce 500 tons per day of crystallized product. The scope of the project, besides the major process equipment and process design, includes the supply and specification of other equipment that includes ammonia vaporizers, reaction systems, recirculation pumps, condensers, centrifuges, and dryers. The project's main contractor is Apex Science & Engineering Corp. (Apex) of Taipei, Taiwan.

HPD was awarded the supply of the process equipment by TFC and Apex because of their unparalleled process design experience and expertise in chemical crystallization, particularly in the fertilizer market.

Founded in 1946, Taiwan Fertilizer Company, Ltd., (TFC) has been the largest fertilizer manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan responsible for providing stable and abundant fertilizers to meet domestic agricultural needs and is also a major contributor to the development of Taiwan's agricultural economics.

Apex Science & Engineering Corp. is a Taipei, Taiwan-based company engaged in the provision of engineering services, properties construction and the manufacture of electronic products. The Company's engineering businesses include petrochemical engineering, electricity and energy engineering, package engineering, cigarette, vintage and food engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning engineering, drainage engineering, fire control engineering, hydroelectric engineering and sewage treatment, among others. It also undertakes the construction of amalgamated dwelling buildings, industrial plants and office buildings.