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2010-04-16 - Plainfield, Illin.

Alkim Awards HPD to Supply Evaporation and Crystallization Systems for Sodium Sulfate Production

For Immediate Release

Plainfield, Illin., April 15, 2010 - Alkim Alkali Kimya A.S. (Alkim), one of the world's largest producers of sodium sulfate, has selected HPD, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, to supply evaporation and crystallization process equipment for their new greenfield plant in Çayırhan, Turkey.

The new plant will produce 120,000 tpa (tons per annum) of pure sodium sulfate from glauberite, extracted through a unique solution mining process.The HPD system produces glauber salt as a first purification step followed by re-crystallization to an anhydrous sodium sulfate in a multi-effect evaporator to meet stringent quality requirements.The end product is a key component in consumer products, pulp & paper, and the textile industry.

HPD will be responsible for supply of the major process and ancillary equipment, detailed engineering, and a variety of auxiliary equipment such as pumps, tanks, control valves, and instrumentation.

Alkim chose HPD for this project because of unparalleled experience with successful sodium sulfate evaporation and crystallization installations worldwide.

Alkim Alkali Kimya A.S., headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, is a diversified producer of chemicals such as sodium sulfate, salt, and fertilizer products with several mining and production facilities throughout Turkey.Alkim enjoys sales, both domestically in Turkey and in neighboring countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, and Israel.