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2008-05-30 - Plainfield, Illin.

HPD Integrates Stillage Concentration System for AGP

For Immediate Release

PLAINFIELD, Illin. May 30, 2008 - AGP (Ag Processing Inc.) has selected HPD, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, to provide an enhanced stillage concentration system to its Hastings, Nebraska ethanol production plant. The new system will supplement the existing falling film evaporator set and drying system to increase production of DDGS (distiller's dried grains with solubles).

The additional water removal provided by the HPD concentrator allows a syrup concentration of up to 50% TS to the drying system. Increased syrup concentration to the dryer significantly decreases natural gas consumption and allows for increased DDGS throughput.Fouling and cleaning requirements for the modified system will decrease due to the ability of the enhanced concentrator to operate at high viscosities.

HPD's enhanced forced circulation technology increases heat transfer efficiency while reducing power consumption when compared to standard forced circulation designs.Further, the flexibility to produce up to 50% TS allows ethanol producers to reduce natural gas consumption in the drying process and realize additional evaporation capacity to debottleneck production capacity.

Ag Processing Inc (AGP®) is a farmer-owned cooperative engaged in the procurement, processing, marketing, and transportation of grains and grain products including renewable fuel ethanol.