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2008-01-16 - Bilbao, Spain

Cristanol Awards HPD Supply of Stillage Concentration System for Bioethanol Plant

For Immediate Release

BILBAO, Spain, Jan. 16, 2008 - Cristanol has selected HPD to supply the stillage evaporation system for their new bioethanol production facility in Bazancourt located in northern France. This new production facility will use wheat as feedstock in the production of biofuels.

The system provided by HPD will concentrate the thin stillage, a co-product generated from the production of ethanol that is used primarily for animal feed when fully processed. Processing this stream is challenging due to the high viscosity experienced during concentration and the tendency of fouling and plugging of the system.

The technology selected, HPD's proprietary High Efficiency Stillage Concentration (HESC™) system, provides a solution to concentrate high-viscosity streams while minimizing the effects of scaling. This unique technology utilizes enhanced forced circulation heat transfer technology that promotes turbulence within the heater tubes and reduces power consumption when compared to standard systems. HPD conducted extensive laboratory and pilot testing on-site with the client to define design parameters.

Concentration of the stillage in the HESC system in this application is designed to evaporate water from this process stream and produce up to 40% TS (total solids) using a two-stage system. As part of the contract, HPD will also supply other ancillary systems including the in-place cleaning process, a biofiltration system for VOC (volatile organic content) removal, and a deodorization system.

HPD was selected to supply the stillage evaporation system based on demonstrated expertise of process design solutions as well as the commercial success of HESC technology applied in several corn-based ethanol production facilities in the United States.