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2007-12-11 - Plainfield, IL, U. S. A.

HPD to Supply Crystallization and Evaporation Technologies for TETRA Technologies, Inc.'s Greenfield Brine Production Facility

For Immediate Release

Plainfield, Illin., December 12, 2007 - HPD has been awarded the supply of crystallization and evaporation equipment to TETRA Technologies, Inc. for their new facility located near El Dorado, Arkansas. The new plant will process brine solution from production wells to produce high-quality calcium chloride in both a liquid and a dry product.

The system is comprised of a triple-effect crystallizer to concentrate and purify the pre-treated brine stream to produce a calcium chloride solution. A portion of this stream will be further concentrated in a secondary process utilizing a two-effect finishing evaporation system to furnish calcium chloride flake product. Overall, the complete system will produce 400,000 short tons per year (stpy) of calcium chloride solution and 120,000 stpy of calcium chloride flake, a high-purity sodium chloride for chlor-alkali and other markets, and magnesium hydroxide.

The system is designed to meet the strict requirements of product quality and high availability of the plant when fully integrated with TETRA's overall production facility. HPD's experience and expertise in process design for premium chemical production facilities and laboratory testing capabilities to support the project were key factors in their selection as the technology supplier for this new plant.

TETRA Technologies, Inc. is a geographically diversified oil and gas services company that provides niche products and services focused on well completion and on late-life production enhancement and decommissioning. In addition, it is the world's largest, vertically integrated producer, marketer, and distributor of calcium chloride, which it supplies as feedstocks—along with its brominated products—for its completion fluids business as well as for applications in a variety of other markets.