HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization

Innovative Process Solutions

Veolia Water Technologies is the global leader in large-scale, highly integrated process solutions utilizing HPD evaporation and crystallization technology. Our focus is the development of unique process designs and technology for our industrial clients in a broad range of markets.

Process & Project Expertise

zero liquid discharge system

An HPD - ZLD System for the Oil & Gas industry recovers water for recycling and generating no aqueous waste

Fully-Integrated Systems

For over 85 years, HPD evaporation and crystallization technology has helped clients meet their fiscal, production and environmental objectives by providing systems that recover valuable products and by-products, reuse/recycle valuable water resources and reduce effluent volume through unique evaporation and crystallization process design and technology.

Veolia has some of the largest installations of evaporation and crystallization system in the world, including the largest Zero Liquid Disharge (ZLD) System at Shell's Pearl GTL facility in Qatar.

Experience in All Major Industrial Markets

HPD® Falling Film evaporator train for black liquor

HPD® Falling Film Evaporators produce quality condensate for re-use and recover valuable chemicals

Today, HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization technologies are recognized as world leading innovative process designs with expertise in nearly all industrial applications.

It is uniquely present in all major industrial segments with successful installations in these markets on a worldwide basis, often as "first-of-its-kind" applications and processes. A unique, state-of-the-art research and testing facility allows application of this experience to commercialize new processes that solve issues unique to each industry.

Veolia has over 1,000 installations in more than 30 countries with evaporation and crystallization systems providing critical industrial process that:

  • Produce pure products from natural deposits
  • Recover by-products from waste streams
  • Concentrate dilute streams
  • Volume reduction and water recovery for environmental benefits

Total Project Capabilities

Veolia offers a complete range of capabilities and services for project execution that include:

  • Project development
  • First-of-its-kind process design
  • Engineering and detailed design
  • Research, analytical and pilot testing in house
  • Ideal partner for FEED or phased engineering contracts
  • Equipment supply
  • Global Design-Build project management and execution
  • Design, build, own, operate and facility maintenance 

Veolia Water Technologies utilizes expertise through the execution of complex, design-build projects that includes the design, detailed engineering, and installation of all major and minor equipment with the capability to provide construction of the entire water treatment facility.

As part of Veolia, we often collaborate with other divisions within the company to offer a complete solution that combines technologies, expertise, and support for our clients.