Fixed Leaf High-Volume Retractable Filter

The Filtra-Matic™ is a versatile, pressure leaf filter for tough filtration jobs involving large volumes. It is especially useful where a dry cake discharge is desired

Designed for operating efficiency and easy maintenance, this filter is offered in two basic models: the Filtra-Matic™ RT with its unique retracting tank, and the Filtra-Matic™ RB featuring a retracting bundle design. Filter leaves for both models are of heavy-duty construction and provide maximum strength as well as flexibility needed to prevent deformation.

Two retracting designs

Filtra-Matic™ RT

The Filtra-Matic™ RT offers substantial advantages for many applications. In this design, the leaf bundle remains stationary while the filter vessel itself retracts. All connections, including the filtration outlet nozzle, are located in the stationary front section. As a result, process piping remains intact during cleaning, eliminating misalignment problems. Retraction of the shell exposes the entire leaf bundle for ease of inspection and maintenance of the filtration surfaces. This design also minimizes cake drop-off into the shell during the opening step of dry cake discharge systems. The RT is available in cylindrical or conical tank configuration.

Filtra-Matic™ RB

The more common retracting bundle design, the Filtra-Matic™ RB, offers good flow distribution and pressure control. It provides excellent sluicing characteristics and features easily accessible filter leaves for quick cleaning and inspection. The RB is available in cylindrical, conical, or double-conical configuration.