Features & Benefits

Features and benefits

Filtraflo™ filters offer an advanced filtration solution which involves a rapid filtration of raw water through a specific media, the filtering bed being composed of single or multiple media layers.

  • Sand filtration requires a coagulant, such as ferric chloride, to precipitate arsenic within the filtration media.

  • The Filtraflo™ As process is used to adsorb arsenic from raw water. It features a single bed of ferric hydroxide.

Filtraflo™ and Filtraflo™ As are well adapted to medium to large plants. When arsenic occurs in an existing water treatment plant, they can easily be installed downstream of the sand/dual media filters.

Based on this advanced technology, Opalium - a Veolia Water Technologies' company - has also developed Opafer™, for small to medium sized treatment facilities.