Filtraflo™ range

Rapid gravitational filtration

All Filtraflo™ filters employ the same basic principle that involves a rapid gravitational filtration of raw water through a granular media. The filtering bed is composed of single or dual media layers.

Depending on the quality of water to be treated and the filtering objectives, different filtering media can be employed : sand, activated carbon, anthracite, pumice, shale, limestone, etc...

Multiple Function Filters:

  • Physical function : retention of suspended particles (suspended solids, iron and manganese precipitate.)
  • Physical-chemical : adsorption of micro pollutants (pesticides, detergents, chlorinated solvents, sapid components, etc.) Manganese removal with manganese dioxide.
  • Biological function : biodegradation of organic carbon Oxidation of ammonia, iron, manganese , Denitrification.
  • Chemical function : acidity correction with calcium.

Filtraflo™ filters differ by their technological characteristics that adapt to specific water treatment demands and to the type of water to be treated, and facilitate integration into the overall water production line.