Filtraflo™ Carb

The next-generation polishing technology

Filtraflo Carb is a chemical free polishing solution involving micrograin activated carbon, that allows by adsorption the removal of the Natural Organic Matter, the pesticides, and a large spectre of micro-pollutants in treated water while also filtering it. 

With more and more pollutants in the environment, the quality of water resources is declining, with a potential impact on all potable water treatment processes.
To eliminate these substances, the most common technical solution that has gradually taken hold is using the adsorption properties of powdered activated carbon.

An exclusive Veolia Water Technologies patent, Filtraflo Carb combines two treatments in one: physical filtration of suspended solids with adsorption of organic matter using micrograin activated carbon.
This process allows for both renewing active carbon and washing the filtering media without shutting down the reactor, thereby ensuring continuous productivity and a constant level of treatment efficiency.

Key differentiators

Compared with other processes which use a powdered activated carbon contact tank followed by a settling stage, Filtraflo Carb offers three advantages:

1 - it can be implemented in reduced size facilities,

2 - it uses adsorbent media than can be reactivated and reused,

3 - it doesn't need coagulant or flocculant chemicals.

Compared with other processes using activated carbon in a fluidized bed, the Filtraflo Carb also offers the advantage of quick start-up and a genuine filtration capacity.