Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Exelys™ works continuously 24 hour a day and has a simplified operation and maintenance, with a limited footprint.

This process allows:

  • Reduced digester related investment for new installations
  • Reduced operating costs:

    o Less sludge to dispose
    o At existing installations, the digestion capacity can be increased by handling new inputs.
  • Income is generated from:

    o Either processing external inputs through co-digestion
    o Either selling the energy produced by co-generation or producing bio-methane

Exelys™ is a solution that guarantees energy and environmental performance, thanks to:

  • Conversion into "green" electricity via co-generation
  • Bio-methane production (for injection into the network or as fuel)
  • Low steam consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Many possibilities for using biogas: with external input (co-digestion), energy self-sufficiency or even a positive energy footprint may be achieved by the plant.

Exelys™ combines with other Veolia sludge treatment processes such as Athos™ (hydrothermal oxidation), Pyrofluid™ (incineration), BioCon™ (thermal drying), Solia™ (solar drying) and completes them to offer even more sustainable solutions.