Exelys™ is available under the 3 following configurations:

Lysis/Digestion (LD) Configuration

Thermal hydrolysis is performed on the whole or a part if the sludge stream prior to digestion.

This configuration reduces digester volume by a factor of 2 to 3, reduces the amount of sludge and guarantees that it is sanitized while increasing biogas production.

Using the LD configuration, the throughput of an overloaded digestion plant can be doubled, thus avoiding the need to build additional digestion capacity.

Digestion/Lysis (DL) Configuration

The hydrolysis reactor is installed on a sludge recirculation loop combined with a digester. Thermal hydrolysis is applied to part of the digested sludge.

This configuration gives the client wide flexibility whilst using a smaller scale hydrolysis stage.

Using the DL configuration, digestion capacity of an existing installation can be increased by up to 30%.

Digestion/Lysis/Digestion (DLD) Configuration - Patented

Thermal hydrolysis is applied to all of the digested sludge from digester 1. Then the sludge is cooled and diluted before breakdown continues in digester 2.

This is the optimum formula in energy terms as it uses less steam while producing more biogas and electricity.

It also enables the greatest reduction in the amount of sludge to be produced.