Operating Principal

Operating principle

Ecodisk® is integrated in a treatment process line with three main stages.


Provided by:

  • Either a manual or automated bar screen or sieve;
  • Or a settler digester (or a compartmented settling tank) providing screening, grit removal, degreasing, settleable material removal, storage and digestion of excess sludge, and, potentially, a buffer tank at the same time.

Biological treatment

Ecodisk® provides biological treatment of effluent without addition of chemicals. On bio-disks, set in rotation, bacteria naturally grow and form a biological turf. When exposed, these bacteria are saturated in oxygen and, when immersed, they are fed with dissolved organic matter.

The excess turf comes off and is sent to a secondary clarification stage.

Secondary clarification

This clarification stage can be carried out by:

  • The EcodiskTM Filter, a drum filter, combined with biodisks, which provides liquid/solid separation. The sludge is evacuated as rotation progresses by a backwash system with clarified water to sludge treatment (settler digester, reed beds Biophyte, centrifuge...
  • A lamella settler combined with biodiscs. Settled sludge at the tank base is then pumped back to sludge treatment.
  • Filtration on reed beds, the EcodiskTM M, also providing sludge storage.