Features & Benefits

Features and benefits

Te main advantages of Ecodisk® technology are:

Easy operation

With their open structure, bio-disks do not risk clogging. They treat wastewater without adjustment, excess bacteria naturally coming away from the disks.

Adaptation to load variations

The benefit of the bio-disks comes from the fixed biomass and the self-regulated "piston" type operation. In case of low load, only the first disks are covered and when the load increases the bacterial culture progressively colonizes all the disks.

Treatment level

The Ecodisk® treatment lines treat carbon and nitrogen pollution.

The degree of pollution treatment is modulated depending on the specific load (Cs) applied to the discs expressed in g BOD5/m²/d removal.

For carbon removal at a temperature of 12°C, the Cs is about 8 g DBO5/m²/d. Nitrogen treatment requires a Cs about 4 g BOD5/m²/d. For denitrification, effluent recirculation to the anoxic zone will be needed.

It is also possible to remove phosphorus by physical-chemical means by injecting ferric chloride in the last bio-disk stage.

Optimization of operating costs

Ecodisk® lines are not energy intensive due to EcodiskTM low power consumption drives (from 0.37 to 1.5 kW).

Compared to other treatment lines, Ecodisk® solutions are easy to operate because there is no sludge concentration or O₂ regulation, and there is no effluent recirculation required unless denitrification is planned.

Reduction of sludge quantity

This sludge is:

  • Stored in the headworks for several months, if this structure is integrated into the treatment process line. Sludge undergoes anaerobic digestion there with reduction of its volume, and increase of its dryness (up to 60 g/l), facilitating its agricultural reuse.
  • Mineralized on reed beds
  • Mechanically dewatered (centrifuge...)

Fast and low cost installation

The bio-discs are assembled in their tank in the factory and installed on a concrete slab in a few hours, using a crane.


Ecodisk® solutions' footprint is small. The bio-disks are the best option when your project requires a limited installation.

Very good landscaping integration

Without odor or noise, EcodiskTM solutions could be completely buried in order to be perfectly integrated into the environment.