Compact wastewater treatment solutions

Ecodisk® - The Ecological solution for domestic wastewater treatment plants, from 100 to 10,000 Population Equivalent

The ECODISK® biodiscs

The treatment of the effluent from the small communities requires solutions that are rustic, economical, easy-to-operate, with a low sensibility to load and hydraulic variations. This is especially true for the smallest communities. 

The biodiscs process is the perfect answer to these constraints. In particular, it is not necessary to hire an electrician or a specialist in water treatment to operate the ECODISK® treatment units. A simple weekly visual check is enough to guarantee a good operation.

Various processes have been tried (trickling, lagoons, sand filter…) and recommended for the small and medium capacity waste water treatment plants. Yet today, the latest return of experience have shown recurring malfunctions, sometimes of a worrying scale (cleaning problems, sludge evacuation, insufficient treatment rates, clogging, odors…) on these technologies.

The fixed culture biodiscs of the brand ECOSISK® have been commercialized by PMT since 1998. Their modular conception by blocks allows for a proper design for each given project. This solution, which is especially adequate to solve the issue of the waste water treatment, integrates perfectly in the landscape since the unit tanks are reinforced and can be buried without the need for concrete reinforcements or protections. It should be noted that one of the biggest advantage of this fixed culture process is the absence of odors!

The various types of installations offered by PMT

Among the modular range of ECODISK® solutions, you should be able to find one for the type of treatment you need:

  • biodiscs for the treatment of carbon pollution, in combination with a lamella settler if necessary
  • biodiscs for the treatment of carbon and nitrogen pollution (nitrification)
  • denitrifications with biodiscs (ECODISK® DENIT product range with an airproof cover)
  • treatment of the TSS and residual Phosphorus with the Poligreen® product range
  • advanced outlet filtration with the ECODISK M® design
  • stand-alone lamella settlers for wastewater or rainwater
  • drumfilters coupled to the biodiscs shafts in the ECODISK FILTER® product range
  • renting of waste water treatment units in various sizes, from one month to several years
  • supply and installation of large diameter discs solutions, up to 4m of diameter, for highly compact units inside buildings
  • customization with options such as the color of the covers or the installation of flowmeters …

PMT is capable, with its own teams, to support you on site within the best delay anywhere in France, Germany and even Europe. Should it be for an installation, a commissioning or a control and maintenance visit, you can trust our small but dynamic team to serve you well.

The PMT network

However, our small team cannot be reactive everywhere in the world. And yet, we are able to answer your needs in the best delays thanks to our network of international distributors who will be capable of providing you with the requested technical support for the good delivery of your projects.

Thanks to this proximity and reactivity, the PMT equipments are being exported further and further. We are providing solutions to hotels as well as municipalities, isolated living bases, hospitals, residencies, schools and universities …

Finally, if our biodiscs solutions were not the best fitted to your project, we would request the support from other divisions of the Veolia group. In any case, if you contact us, you are certain to obtain a technical solution to your project.