Dusenflo™ Gravity Filter

Dusenflo™ Gravity Filter

Since 1948, Veolia Water Technologies Canada has developed an expertise second to none in water and wastewater treatment. Among the numerous processes that the company offers to meet various treatment objectives, the Dusenflo™ gravity filter has proven to be an efficient and reliable filtration system.

The Dusenflo™ filter offers a unique, economical and highly effective potable water filtration system that will provide consistent high quality, crystal clear potable water.

The Dusenflo™ filter is keeping pace with all known filtration technologies.

  • Economy
    Backwashing with air and water, with the specially designed underdrain nozzles, ensures a perfectly clean filter media between cycles and reduces the required number of backwash cycles. This contributes to important savings in power and treated water consumption.

  • Adaptability
    A wide selection of media and underdrain nozzles are available and selected according to the specific treatment requirements of given water. The filter underdrain is designed to provide optimum hydraulic distribution across the filter surface while retaining the finest media particle.

  • Water quality
    The Dusenflo™ filter will consistently provide a high quality of filtered water for all water conditions. The filter is particularly effective at removing Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.