Distributor Systems

Veolia Water Technologies offers the most effective rotating distribution systems available in the market, based on more than 35 years of designing, commissioning and operating aerobic fixed film systems (trickling filters).

VWS Distributor

CASCADE Distributor

It is widely recognised that effective wastewater distribution is essential for achieving optimum performance of a fixed film reactor process (trickling filter).

Veolia Water Technologies Distributors not only achieve even liquid distribution across the surface of the media bed, but also address the effects of irrigation rates, recirculation requirements, flushing intensity together with surface organic and hydraulic loading rates of the reactor.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio consists of:

  • HiGARDTM - square or trapezoidal cross-section arms
  • CASCADETM - tubular arm

For smaller-diameter trickling filters, VWS can also offer MiniGARD and MiniFLO, smaller versions of HiGARD and CASCADE, respectively.

Two drive configurations available

Our Distributors can be supplied either reaction-driven or motor-driven:

Reaction-driven units are typically utilised where conditions and duty allow; these units are driven by the motive force of the wastewater delivered to the distributor. In mose cases this will be a pumped flow but where site gradients permit gravity fed units can be designed and installed.

Motor-driven rotary distributors with variable speed control are also available where high performance and increased levels of process control are required. All power-driven units can be supplied with a facility to operate in reaction mode in the event of a power failure, returning back to motor drive once power is restored.