Lab-scale Test Modules for CeraMem® Technology

Ceramic Membrane Lab-scale Test Modules

Ideal for Feasibility Studies & Laboratory Testing

Test-scale ceramic membrane system

Test system available for feasibility studies. Please contact us for test work inquiries.

The innovative ceramic "honeycomb" inorganic membrane modules for microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) also are available in test-scale versions, featuring a variety of abrasion-resistant ceramic membranes applied to silicon carbide monolith supports.

Product features include:

  • High operating temperatures

  • Chemical inertness

  • Sized specifically for testing puposes 

Laboratory / Test-Scale

Module Range & Specifications - Membrane Elements (2mm & 5mm)

Laboratory / test-scale membrane elements are 12 inches (305 mm) long and ~1 inch (27 mm) in diameter with bonded stainless steel end rings. Membrane area is approximately 1.5 ft2 (0.13 m2) for the 2mm channel and 0.8 ft2 (0.07 m2) for the 5mm channel. Membrane pore size and chemistries available are listed in the table below.

Membrane Type Water Flux (Typ.), lmh/bar

0.5µm - mixed oxide MF membrane


0.2µm - α - alumina MF membrane


0.1µm - α - alumina MF membrane 


0.1µm - α - alumina abrasion resistant MF membrane


0.1µm - titania MF membrane


0.01µm - titania UF membrane


0.005µm - silica UF membrane


Operating Conditions

Operating Parameter Range

Max. Temperature 

>150°C (dependent upon seals) 

Max. Trans-membrane Pressure

150 psi (10 bar) 

pH Range (except for 0.005µm)

2 - 13 

pH Range 0.005µm

2 - 9¹

Recommended Cross-Flow Velocity

9 - 12 ft/sec (3-4 m/sec)

Volumetric Flow Rate for 12 ft/sec

14 gpm (3.2 m³/hr)

Pressure Drop at 12 ft/sec. for 2mm channel

6.5 psi (0.45 bar), H2O @ 25°C

Pressure Drop at 12 ft/sec. for 5mm channel

2.7 psi (0.2 bar), H2O @ 25°C