Full-size Ceramic Membrane Modules

CeraMem® Full-size Membrane Modules

Production Scale Modules

full-size ceramic membrane pilot system

Produced water pilot unit utilizing full-size ceramic membrane modules. Please use inquiry form to inquire about pilot trials

This new generation of "honeycomb" inorganic membrane modules for microfiltration and ultrafiltration has a variety of abrasion-resistant ceramic membranes applied to silicon carbide monolith supports.

Product features include:

  • Compactness
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • High-temperature processing
  • Chemical inertness

Next Generation Ceramic Membrane Technology

CeraMem® Silicon Carbide Membranes with stainless steel housing

CeraMem® Silicon Carbide Membranes with stainless steel housing

Many industrial plants totaling tens of thousands of square feet of membrane have been sold in several countries around the world using this patented technology in first generation CeraMem® membrane products.

This second generation membrane module incorporates new chemically inert , silicon carbide membranesand support monoliths featuring superior chemical and mechanical durability.

This broad range of aqueous chemical stability will provide improved productivity, due to enhanced cleaning and flux maintenance, for applications involving oily wastewaters including deoiling and silica removal from oilfield produced water, treatment of desalter bottoms, and the treatment of metal working fluids.

Other features include:

  • Operation across the full pH range from 0-14
  • Faster restoration / recovery of flux rates
  • Increased membrane permeability

Production Scale

Module Range & Specifications - Membrane Elements (2mm & 5mm)

Dimensions: 34 inches (864mm) L x 5.6 inches (142mm) diameter. Area is approximately 113 ft.² (10.5m²) for the 2mm channel and 54 ft.² (5.0 m²) for the 5mm channel.

Membrane Type Water Flux (Typ.), lmh/bar

0.5µm - mixed oxide MF membrane


0.2µm - α - alumina MF membrane


0.2µm - silicon carbide (SiC) MF membrane


0.1µm - α - alumina MF membrane 


0.1µm - α - alumina abrasion resistant MF membrane


0.1µm - titania MF membrane


50nm - silicon carbide (SiC) UF membrane


0.01µm - titania UF membrane


0.005µm - silica UF membrane


Operating Conditions

Operating Parameter Range

Max. Temperature 

Above 150°C (dependent on seals and housing selection)†

Max. Trans-membrane Pressure

(10 bar) dependent on housing selection 

pH Range

TiO2 and Al2O3 membranes: 2 - 13
SiO2 membranes: 2 - 9
SiC membranes: 0 - 14

Recommended Crossflow Velocity

6.5 - 13 ft/sec (2-4 m/sec)††

Volumetric Flow Rate for 10 ft/sec

340 gpm (75 m³/hr)†††

Pressure Drop at 10 ft/sec in 2 mm channel

14 psi (1bar), H2O @ 77°F (25° C)

Pressure Drop at 10 ft/sec in 5 mm channel

5 psi (0.3 bar), H2O @ 77°F (25° C)

† Housing options available are FRP and various steels including SS316, SS304 and SS2205. Various elastomeric seals are available, including EPDM and FKM.

†† Actual crossflow velocity will be application specific.

††† At 140°F, 10 ft/sec crossflow velocity corresponds to 0.019 (2 mm channel) and 0.016 (5 mm channel) theoretical hp/ft². At 60°C, the same crossflow velocity in metric units is 3 m/sec and the power consumption is 0.15 (2 mm channel) and 0.13 (5 mm channel) kW/m².