Pre-engineered Ceramic Membrane Systems

CeraMem® Membrane Systems

CeraMem® ceramic membrane systems are delivered from Veolia Water Technologies with a wide array of scope of supply options, ranging from equipment supply to design - build to own and operate

Modular Ceramic Membrane Systems

Engineered ceramic membrane systems from VWS

CeraMem ceramic membrane systems are modular and can be customized to meet specific applications

The FMS Series

The FMS series of CeraMem ceramic membrane systems are complete, modular systems that offer flexible designs and delivery for most industrial microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) applications. 

These systems are designed utilizing full-size CeraMem modules of both 2mm and 5mm channel sizes with a variety of available pore sizes.

The system is based upon a single, stand-alone operating unit. Each system allows for capacity expansion by enhancing an existing unit or installation of additional systems in parallel or in series of one another, depending on the capacity requirements of each plant.

The number of membranes within each system can also be adjusted to allow "fine tuning" of plant capacity, providing design flexibility in each system design.

Flexible System Designs

The FMS series of CeraMem ceramic membrane systems can be customized to meet specific criteria or project needs.

The following range of options are available for the FMS series membrane systems:

  • 2mm or 5mm membrane channels
  • Silicon carbide membranes, operating at 0-14 pH range
  • PLC manufacturer options
  • Automated backflush
  • Automated clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Materials of construction range
  • Supply of ancillary equipment and tanks as modular skids as part of the scope of supply
  • Complete design and build of treatment plant, integrating to host facility
  • Flexible financing options

Available Standard Crossflow CeraMem Membrane Systems

Commercially Available Systems

System Type Qty. CeraMem Modules Dimensions: L (max) x W x H (max) Typical Production Rates Pump Power



<8' x 3' x 9' 

1-25 gpm 
0.2 - 6 m³/h

5-20 HP
4-15 kW



<25' x 6' x 8' 

7-220 gpm 
1.5 - 50 m³/h

15-70 HP
10-55 kW



<35' x 6' x 9' 

15-450 gpm
3.5 - 100 m³/h

25-150 HP
20-100 kW



<60' x 6' x 9' 

30-730 gpm
7 - 170 m³/h

60-220 HP
45-170 kW