Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

With over 35 years of experience in the design, installation and operation of wastewater treatment systems, Veolia Water Technologies have developed a range of high efficiency plastic media, able to suit the needs of both your Trickling Filter Applications and Submerged Applications.


  • Optimum bacterial attachment
  • Ideal effective surface area and void ratio within the packed bed
  • Guaranteed effluent quality
  • Controlled orientation within the reactor, ensuring optional three dimensional liquid distribution, increased hydraulic retention time and improved liquid film diffusion within the media bed
  • Designed for installation in a random orientation
  • Resistance to shock loadings, with fast recovery times


  • Material of manufacture: strong, lightweight, thermoplastic resin (polypropylene)
  • High aspect ratio (HAR) design
  • Robust, well-proven products
  • Suitable for wastewater treatment applications
  • Non toxic to micro-organisms
  • Immune to rot, fungus or bacterial attack
  • High resistance to ultra-violet degradation, ageing, erosion and disintegration
  • Recyclable material
  • No need for cutting or shaping to suit individual reactor profiles
  • No need for dwarf walls or expensive under drainage systems
  • Local production utilised wherever possible to ensure shipping costs are negated and money is put back into the local economy