BM Control SMART

24/7 real time process control and optimitzation

Essential operating process parameters are continuously analysed and processed through advanced control logic. Operating performance data are trended and provide continuous feedback process settings.

Enhanced Calamity Control

The system will provide early warning signals when certain parameters exceed preset limits; this allows the operator to investigate the root cause for the incident at an early stage.

Improved system stability

Controlled load conditions and systematic system feedback allow active and dynamic load control which results in more stable conditions contributing to better performance.

Increased COD removal efficiency and biogas production

The use of BM Control SMART technology proves to achieve a 10-15% increase in COD removal efficiency and biogas production on yearly average conditions. BM Control SMART reference case study is attached.

Decrease of operating costs

  • Aiming for lower caustic consumption (10-25% saving)
  • Aiming for lower nutrient dosing requirements;
  • Aiming for lower cost for heating/cooling

Increase in plant capacity

  • Reduced hydraulic buffer volume requirement
  • Smaller reactor volume requirement (or 10-20% capacity increase for existing reactors)

Quality improvement

  • Improved effluent quality
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Ease of operation, piece of mind

  • All plant data are available through Web browser application anytime - anywhere
  • User friendly interface
  • Software System maintenance and updates are available and remotely installed
  • Proven system safety and security protocols in place