Technical Support

Biothane Services

After Sales Service

Continuous and smooth operation of the plant is the main priority for our clients. With this in mind, Biothane experts are at your disposal to provide advice and support in the operational process of the installation (office & on-site).

Projects are regularly reviewed and performance tests are conducted to guarantee the high efficiency of the plant. For improved operation, Biothane provides regular biomass testing in the laboratory and establishes process optimization plannings when appropriate.

Trouble Shooting

Clients benefit from the extensive knowledge of Biothane specialists and the company's long term experience in wastewater treatment plants.

Our specialists are able to identify critical matters beforehand to ensure a smooth operation of the plant. For any queries or difficulties that may occur to clients, dedicated and reliable trouble-shooters are on the spot with a quick response; if necessary, with hands-on assistance on-site.

Feasibility Studies

With our comprehensive knowledge in the field, Biothane can determine if a particular wastewater can be utilized or upgraded for anaerobic treatment.

During the customized feasibility studies, Biothane technologists are in close contact with customers. The proficiency of correct information and data is relevant to carry out a profound review of a (future) plant and to establish improved solutions. Feasibility studies are individually tailored to the customer's needs which can include continuous laboratory testing as well as executing a site survey, where the configuration of the wastewater plant and the wastewater characteristics are assessed. While undertaking a site visit, the plant's performance is critically evaluated before a concluding recommendation will be worked out.