Lab & Pilot Testing

Biothane Services

All Biothane offices are equipped with in-house facilities for laboratory analysis and pilot testing. Analyzing the composition of wastewater streams provides a preliminary indication of the digestibility of the wastewater.

Here are some of the laboratory capabilities of Biothane:

  • Detailed Wastewater Characterization Analysis
  • Detailed Nutrient Analysis/ Nutrient Dosing Advise
  • Anaerobic/ Aerobic Toxicity Test
  • Anaerobic/ Aerobic Biodegradability Test
  • Biomass Activity Test
  • Biomass Quality Test
  • In-house Lab Pilot Capabilities
  • Anaerobic/ Aerobic Pilot-Plant Experiments (on site/in laboratory)

Biothane possesses a number of pilot plant units that are available for hire. They facilitate information on the removal efficiencies and the volumetric loadings of a given wastewater and can be applied on-site.

If you are interested in renting a pilot plant, contact us.