Biothane Services

Biothane Services

An anaerobic wastewater treatment plant is a valuable asset to cost effectively treat many types of industrial wastewaters, while producing valuable biogas as a green energy source. An anaerobic treatment plant is, however, not a plug & play device. This biological process requires careful process control and the regular attention of a capable operator. After initial commissioning and start-up of a new plant, Biothane provides various services to keep your system in good shape and to keep operating costs to a minimum.

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1. Nutrients & Chemicals

Advice & Supply

• Vithane™

• FeCl3 Micro and FeCl3 Plus

• REACH Approved

• Advice

Nutrients and Micro-nutrients are vital for the proper functioning of your anaerobic plant. Based on the nutrient composition of your wastewater, Biothane gives advice on the specific needs of the anaerobic biomass in your system.
Subsequently, Biothane can supply Vithane™ or other dedicated nutrient solutions meeting your specific needs, and thus minimizing chemical dosing costs.

For more information about Nutrients & Chemicals, please fill in the contact form or contact us at 0031 15 2700111

2. Laboratory analysis & Testing

• Pilot trials and Lab scale testing

• Wastewater analysis

• Biogas analysis

On-site pilot trials and laboratory scale testing at Biothane are used to assist new clients, and to investigate poor functioning full scale plants (debottlenecking).
By using such tests, the optimal treatment of your various (changing) wastewater streams can be investigated, while process adjustments can be tested before applying them in your full scale plant.

3. Biomass (Out)Sourcing

• Supply of granular biomass

• Acquisition of surplus biomass

• Biomass analysis and Activity measurement

One advantage of an anaerobic treatment system is the minimal production of surplus biomass.
In some cases, however, the limited amount of granular biomass hampers the reactor performance.
This can be due to granule disintegration, wash-out or too little growth.
Apart from analyzing and solving the causes, Biothane can supply granular biomass to re-seed your reactor.
Biothane assists in optimizing the production of granular biomass and improving the specific activity, and assists you in selling the surplus amount.

4. Service Contract for onsite support

• Service Contract and Calamity assistance

• Reducing operating costs

• Initial and advanced operator training

• Feasibility studies & Consultancy

Based on our vast experience in designing and operating anaerobic systems, Biothane is the most suitable partner to perform feasibility studies, provide consultancy services and advice on the optimal operation of your system.
Prime targets of our advice are operating cost reduction, COD removal improvement and achieving a stable reactor performance. Reducing caustic dosing always receives special attention, since it is the single largest operating cost.

Biothane can provide frequent and regular on-site support & advice on your system in a so called Service Contract, which is tailor made to meet the individual needs of a client.

For newly appointed operators we can provide individual trainings, while for experienced personnel advanced trainings are also provided.