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2016-01-21 - Warsaw, Poland

Veolia to design and build a new, energy-neutral wastewater treatment plant for Namyslow Brewery in Poland

Veolia Water Technologies will supply a new state-of-the-art anaerobic-aerobic wastewater treatment plant to Namyslow Brewery Ltd. The signed turnkey contract includes the design, construction and commissioning of the plant.

The new wastewater treatment plant will provide Namyslow Brewery with a highly-effective treatment system coupled with energy efficiency. Proven anaerobic processes were selected to maximize the biogas production and convert it into energy. The energy will be used to power the wastewater treatment plant, covering operating costs and bringing additional profits to the brewery.

Veolia’s technological approach made it possible to reuse the wastewater as a resource for energy production and thereby lower the operation cost of the plant. The sustainable solution is based on Biothane’s Biobed® Advanced EGSB, a highly effective second generation anaerobic reactor using granular sludge technology, and on aerobic reactor AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor). A dissolved air flotation system ensuring the required discharge parameters was also included at the wastewater polishing stage. These processes were selected after conducting analysis of the sewage produced by the brewery..

Dariusz Jasak, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies in Poland, said: “We put forth our most innovative proprietary technologies to help Namyslow Brewery achieve their goal of having a highly-effective treatment system coupled with energy efficiency. We are confident that this new plant will allow Namyslow Brewery to reduce their operation costs and improve their environmental footprint.”


1.View of the Biobed® Advanced EGSB anaerobic reactor - Wastewater treatment plant for Tymbark in Olsztynek

2.Scheme of the Biobed® Advanced EGSB reactor

3.AnoxKaldnes™MBBR reactor at a wastewater treatment plant in Switzerland


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